Digital and eHealth Testbed case study

Klinik Healthcare Solutions


Klinik is a Finnish based company who have developed a patient triage solution that assesses diagnoses and directs patient flow, using an AI system.

The Digital E-Health Testbed worked with Klinik to map out the current triage processes in three GP practices so they could gain a better understanding of how UK practices currently organise triage and how digital triage could be best deployed. The Testbed then worked with Klinik and the Practices to live-test/ simulation of its adapted product. All practice staff and patient test groups were given free-reign with the user interface to evaluate aspects, such as symptom input, urgency detection, decision support and online messaging, which we were able to analyse in-depth for user experience.

Klinik has since gone on to win primary care contracts providing remote triage service to GP practices in the UK.


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