Quality Improvement in Healthcare: The Case for Change – e-learning via Future Learn

This course is delivered by Future Learn

Explore new and better ways of organising health and social care services to improve quality.

  • Complexity and quality improvement in health and social care
  • Quality improvement theory: the Model for Improvement, an introduction to LEAN, an introduction to microsystems
  • Evaluating quality improvement: the lens of profound knowledge, measuring for improvement
  • Engagement and co-production
  • Systems modelling and quality improvement: modelling for demand and capacity problems and computer simulation modelling  •Making the case for quality improvement

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify what quality and process improvement entails, especially in a health and social care setting.
  • Explain how quality improvement can lead to better outcomes for staff and organisations, including customers and/or patients.
  • Gain confidence to start and lead a quality improvement project within your organisation.
  • Identify how to access additional support, and get others to join with you in making improvements.
  • Discuss how quality improvement can help you deal with complexity in organisational systems and identify how to improve key areas without worsening others.
  • Explore how systems modelling and analytics techniques support quality improvement initiatives.


The course is designed for people working in health and social care organisations such as clinicians, allied health professionals, nurses, managers or administrators. People with a general interest in health and social care organisations, such as service users and carers, may also find the course of interest to them.


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