Obesity, Nutrition & Weight Management – e-learning via E-Learning for Health

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Obesity (BMI)

This e-learning course is designed to help GPs and other primary care clinicians develop the knowledge and skills necessary to address obesity when presented in a primary care setting. The course contains four sessions which address the issue of obesity, how to clinically assess unhealthy weight and how to subsequently manage this, including how to take a behavioural change approach with adults and families. This course has been developed by the Department of Health and e-Learning for Healthcare, with the support of clinicians.

Obesity and Nutrition

A healthy diet and body weight are essential components of maintaining good health and wellbeing. Poor nutrition and obesity can increase the risk of developing various non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. The resources found in the portal help to develop knowledge and understanding of obesity and weight management, as well as recognising the importance of nutrition and malnutrition in delivering patient care.

Healthier Weight Competency Framework

Based on role and experience, this session will help learners and educators to assess their development needs and signpost to the resources that meet their learning requirements. The framework will also be useful to educators and practice educators, to guide learning in this area.

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