Learning Disabilities Awareness Training – via The Primary Care Liaison Team (CFT)

Learning Disabilities Awareness Training

Delivered by the Primary Care Liaison Team for Adults with a Learning Disability, this training is aimed at those who are new to annual health checks for people with a learning disability and will cover:

  • What is a learning disability?
  • Prevalence rates
  • Health and social care issues
  • Awareness of key documents and drivers
  • Reasonable adjustments within annual health checks
  • Who can help?

The session usually takes around 1-1.5 hours and is delivered on a 1.1. basis. You will also be supported to complete the annual health check template and be shadowed for your first couple of checks in order to build confidence and ensure quality. For more details, please contact cft.pclnld@nhs.net

In the future, we are hoping to run a face-to-face training day to discuss areas within the annual health check in more depth. We are holding an interest register for this event which can be accessed here: Learning Disability Event – Interest Register