Cornwall’s Neurodiversity (ND) Profiling Tool Training – Interest Register

Early Help and Support for Children Young People and Families in Cornwall 

Children and young people who are showing signs of neuro-developmental needs will soon be able to access a new tool which can help identify what support a child or young person (CYP) may need. Historically the primary place to access help and support for many of these CYP has been through referral to the ND diagnostic pathway. The demand for this pathway has completely overwhelmed the assessment capacity resulting in lengthy waiting times.

The neurodiversity (ND) profiling tool is the first step in identifying neurodiversity within children and young people aged 0-19 and has now been approved for use across the County .

What is the ND Profiling Tool?

The ND profiling tool is a visual document that assesses nine developmental strands of a child or young person aged 0-19. This includes speech and language, energy levels, attention skills, emotion regulation, sensory levels, flexibility and adaptability, and empathy.

If a child or young person may be showing signs of Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Developmental Coordination Disorder, Sensory Processing differences or other neuro-developmental needs, families will be able to request the ND profiling tool to be completed.

It provides a holistic view of a child or young person’s needs and suggests types of strategies that can be put in place to help manage those needs in different areas of a life, such as at home, at their early years setting, school or college, and in the community.

The process of completing the profile is done with the family, and not for or to the family

Register your Interest in ND Profiling Tool Training

We will shortly be providing training in how to use the ND Profiling Tool. To register your interest in attending the training, please click on the button on the right. When training becomes available to book, we will email you with details.