Clinical Correspondence Training

This course is delivered by Xytal, who are working across the country with practices to help with the application and benefits of Quality improvement tools and techniques.  These courses can be run either face to face or virtual.  The course involves 2 x half day practice visits or Teams calls, the first of which examines the current situation and processes, and the second, which helps to identify opportunities for improvement and action planning.  This can be arranged on a Practice or PCN basis, depending on preference.


  • Saving of clinical time as the number of letters going to the doctors usually drops
  • An increase in safety as correspondence is managed proactively
  • An increase in motivation and morale as staff understand the process and their role and become more confident about managing correspondence
  • Improved communications within and across the practices as clinical and administrative teams work together to improve the existing process
  • Transfer of introductory Quality Improvement techniques

To arrange a session for your practice or PCN, please email