General Practice Staff Bank Survey

1st December, 2021

We are undertaking an evaluation with all of our Bank Staff to find out more about how you are working on the bank, your experiences and how we can improve it for you.  This survey should take about 10 minutes to complete and we very much appreciate your feedback.   If you would like to contact us to provide further feedback, please email


General Practice Bank Survey

About You

Which of these roles are you able to undertake? (Please tick all that apply).
Are you:

Your Career Development

Would you describe yourself as:
Have you accessed any of the Training Hub courses through the Primary Care Education Programme?

Your Availability

When are you able to undertake shifts? Please tick all boxes that apply:
How much notice do you require to pick up a shift?
Would you be happy to be phoned for a shift on the same day/next day? (We will only contact you for a shift at short notice if you answer yes to this question).
What is the best way to contact you? Please tick all that apply.
Which PCN would you be willing to work in? (Please tick all that apply)

Accessing & Booking Shifts

How are you currently being informed about shifts that are available to work?
When was the most recent bank shift you worked?
How much notice did you receive that the shift was available?
How many bank shifts have you booked through Lantum?
Would you like additional training on how to use Lantum?
If 'yes', what areas of training do you feel you need?
If you haven't worked a shift through Lantum, or through the staff bank, have you picked up additional flexible shifts?

What can we do better?

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