Leadership Development

Working in management and leadership can be challenging.  To help, we have developed a range of courses to help you build your skills, knowledge and develop behaviours to support you in this role.  You can choose from short courses, webinars, or development programmes.  In addition, partner organisations including the South West Leadership Academy, local colleges and universities offer additional learning opportunities, both accredited and non-accredited (some of which may incur a cost).

Leadership Development Programmes

We run bespoke leadership development programmes for Leaders in Primary Care in Cornwall. There are three programmes available to you, depending on your level of experience.

Stepping into Management 

This programme is a bespoke 12 month programme for those who are new into leadership or aspiring to move into a leadership role. It helps you to establish a foundation for building your leadership style as you step into a leadership role.  It is accompanied by individual one to one coaching.  Topics covered include:

  • Understanding you as a Leader
  • Leading others and communication
  • Performance management
  • Developing teams

Applications for the programme will open in Summer 2023.  To register your interest, please complete the booking form below.

Leading from the Middle 

This is a bespoke 12 month development programme for practicing middle and senior managers in a GP Practice, who are seeking to move into a strategic leadership role, or want to develop to be more effective in their existing role.  It is a blended learning programme incorporating face to face delivery, individual one to one workplace coaching and completion of an Insights psychometric profile.  Topics covered are:

  • You as a leader
  • Leading Teams
  • Stuck in the middle of change
  • Coaching conversations

Applications for this course will be open in Spring 2023.  Please register your interest by completing the form below.

Leading the Business 

This is a 12 month bespoke development programme consisting of face to face modules, executive coaching, action learning and completion of an Insights psychometric profile.  It is aimed at those leading the Business at a Practice, PCN or ICA level including GP Partners, and Aspiring Clinical Directors. Topics covered include:

  • You as a leader, influencing and collaborating
  • Developing and leading high performing teams
  • Leading in a System
  • Leading Organisational and Culture Change

We have successfully delivered one cohort, with a further cohort starting in February 2023.  Applications for this programme are currently closed, but if you would like to join the next cohort in 2024, please register your interest by completing the form below.

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Business Support Courses for Leaders and Managers

We also offer a range of Business Support courses to help you in your leadership role, whether this is in people skills or operational skills.

People Management and Leadership Skills

We have a range of courses to help you develop your people management skills including:

  • Absence Management and Well-being
  • Performance management
  • Interviews and Recruitment
  • Management Skills – conducting management conversations with confidence
  • Coaching and mentoring

Operational Leadership 

We also offer a range of operational leadership courses to help you in managing your business including:

  • Quality Improvement
  • Finance (TBC)
  • *Coming soon, partnership agreements, models, mergers

Further courses are added on a regular basis. For more information or to book, visit our courses pages and filter by non-clinical courses.

New to Partnership/ GP Partner Development

We have a range of training and development to support you in your role as a GP Partner, whether you are new into post, or already an existing Partner.

Please visit our GP Retention pages for details of GP Partner development support.

Individual Workplace Coaching

Indivdiual workplace coaching is available either through the Training Hub, or through the Leadership Academy.

It is an opportunity for you to have an individual discussion with a qualified coach, providing a safe space for you to explore topics relevant to you.  This can range from as managing disputes with colleagues, time management, how to develop your career, or how to influence colleagues.  The topic is up to you and the coach will work with you to help you identify a plan of action.  It is action orientated and focussed on goal setting.

It usually consists of a short number of sessions (often 4-6 hour long seesions) over a defined period.

For further information on receiving coaching or becoming a coach, please click here or contact kernowhealthcic.workforce@nhs.net for further information.

Local Accredited Leadership and Management courses

General individual leadership and management courses are available through the local colleges, at various levels and times throughout the year. These can be accredited or non-accredited. Costs are applicable unless funding through the college is available. Please visit the colleges for further information:

National Leadership programmes and courses

The South West Leadership Academy offers a range of leadership programmes, masterclasses, bite size classes which are free to attend, together with a variety of E-Learning modules on a variety of topics. Please visit their website for further details

  • Edward Jenner programme
    • Aimed at anyone aspiring to management in the next 1-2 years
  • Rosalind Franklin programme.
    • Aimed at mid-level leaders aspiring to lead large and complex programmes, departments, services or systems.

For either of the above courses you will be required to submit an application directly to NHS Leadership Academy.  Please click on the links above for further detail.

Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

Accredited leadership and management apprenticeship courses are available from a range or providers. This typically includes additional learning time and on the job learning. Local options include:


Resilience and Leadership

Being a Leader often means you take on the problems of your colleagues.

Resources and Support



Online leadership resources are available via the NHS #Project M. These are short e-learning modules, presentations, videos, and reflective tasks on topics such as resilience, time management, and team dynamics, which can be completed individually at a time to suit you.