Staff Bank

What is the Staff Bank?

The staff bank provides flexible additional resource for all roles in Kernow Health CIC and General Practice, both clinical and non-clinical to fill vacant shifts across practices in Cornwall.

Being part of and working within our staff bank provides you with the flexibility to choose the days you want to work and how far you want to travel. You can work over a range of different locations across Cornwall or simply at your nearest Practices. You’re in the driving seat!

You can join as a locum worker (this means being self employed) or a casual worker (with a zero hours contract).

How does the Staff Bank work?

There are two options:

  1. You can set your availability via Rotamaster, our online digital booking platform
  2. You can browse and apply for shifts posted by General Practice or Kernow Health CIC

What are the benefits?

  • The staff bank is a free service for individuals to join.
  • Easy to use platform to view and book shifts.
  • It enables the workforce to be used more effectively across Cornwall.
  • It enables practices to access a pool of staff bank workers who are available to fill shifts.
  • It provides a flexible way of working for everyone.
  • It reduces the reliance on agency workers and associated costs.
  • It enables General Practices to access specific skill set which may not be available.

How do I join?

To sign up to the staff bank, you will need to read the relevant documents below and request further information from Kernow Health CIC. In order to create an account, documentation must be returned, and a sign up link will be provided.

To join our staff bank or for more information, please contact us at

General Practices requesting support

If you are a General practice looking for additional support please click here, complete the form and return to

Covid Vaccination Support

For further information on how you can support vaccination clinics, please click here


Information for Practices

In order for a practice to have access to the General Practice Staff Bank, they must first complete our “Business to Business” agreement. This outlines the terms of use of the platform, obligations for utilising workers.

Following this, practice managers and their teams will be given a sign up link to access the Rotamaster platform and create their practice profile, helping workers to understand the services they provide. Practices will then be able to post available shifts and book workers, including viewing the profile, competencies and governance documents of the individual.

Practices wishing to sign up to the bank should contact us for a copy of the business to business agreement.

To support you with your vaccination clinics, we can set you up with a Covid vaccination rota. Further information, please contact


Information for Casual Workers

“Casual Workers” sign up to the bank working under a casual worker contract with Kernow Health CIC. These workers are not required to manage their tax and National Insurance payments, as these are deducted for them.

In order to become a casual worker on the bank, you will need to complete an application form and be part of an interview process with members of the multi professional team at Kernow Health CIC.

To find out more about this method of signing up to the bank, please contact us for an application form.

Information for Locum Workers

“Locum workers” sign up to the bank as self employed or through their personal services company to provide their services. These workers are required to manage their tax and National Insurance payments.

In order to join the bank as a locum worker, you will need to complete the affiliate agreement, and following this you will be asked to provide your professional documentation and registration details which we will verify and upload onto the portal.  Practices will then know that these checks have already been undertaken.

To find out more about this method of signing up to the bank, please contact us for the affiliate agreement.

Locum FAQ’s

How much does it cost to join?

Joining the Staff Bank as a locum is free.  There are no fees applicable.  If you later join a practice on salaried basis, there is no ‘finders’ fee.  You do not pay any fees to Kernow Health for working a session.  

I am already registered with another agency, can I still join?

Yes, you can still join  even if you’re with another agency.  It is just another way for you to find work and connect with the practices. 

Can I set the rate of pay?

The Practices set the rate of pay for the sessions they need to fill.  You can choose whether to accept the pay rate offered, or to negotiate a higher fee.  Once you accept the shift, you are deemed to have accepted the pay rate that is agreed on the shift booking.  

Can I still work flexibly, choosing my hours and the days that I work?

Yes.  You can choose when and where you work.  If you want to block your availability for a particular day/week/ etc, you can do this in the Rotamaster App and the practice view will show you as unavailable.  If you don’t want to work a shift that is offered, you can choose not to apply or accept it.  You remain in control of your own work. 

I would like to join but am worried about signing the affiliate agreement.  Why do I need to sign this?

We ask all Locums to sign an Affiliate Agreement with Kernow Health as the host of the Staff Bank.  It is designed to protect all parties and set out how we want the team to operate.   

How do I invoice?

Invoicing takes place between you and the GP Practice.  Payment for all shifts you work are paid directly by by the Practice.  

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