Coaching & Mentoring

GP Mentoring Programme

The GP Mentoring programme has been delivered by Cornwall Training Hub on behalf on NHS England since 2021, and has primarily supported GPs in their first 2 years in practice who were on the fellowship programme.

The Training Hub have supported experienced GPs to train as mentors, gaining accreditation with the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council). They provide mentoring support to other GPs across the county, and the support is coordinated by the Training Hub.

How to Access sessions with a GP Mentor

If you are a GP working in Cornwall, and would like to register your interest to access some mentoring sessions via the Training Hub, please complete the following form. We will then contact you with further information and look to match you will one of our trained GP Mentors.

Mentoring Register of interest


Deciding between Coaching or Mentoring

Both Coaching and Mentoring are about learning and personal development, however their approaches can be different.


Coaching is usually non directive, and a coach facilitates the development of the coachee by using questioning techniques, tools and frameworks for the coachee to develop and unlock their potential. Coaching helps individuals learn and grow through a collaborative, future focussed, goal-orientated process.


Mentoring provides a developmental relationship in which one person (the Mentor) is usually someone more experienced and knowledgeable in a similar role, providing support and guidance to help another (the Mentee) to grow in their role and increase their potential capability. Mentoring can also use coaching techniques and models in order to do this.



More Information

For further information or to register your interest please email