Clinical Supervision & Accessing Support

The Importance of Supervision

Professional well-being is vital to staff remaining emotionally healthy, providing safe and quality patient care, and wishing to develop and stay in their roles in primary care.

Clinical supervision is an essential component of the offer to staff to enhance their professional well-being. It is a requirement from many professional bodies as well as regulators such as CQC, and recommended in many high profile serious case reviews such as Francis, Berwick and Victoria Climbie.

Good supervision is acknowledged to provide benefits to staff, patients and the organisations that they work for.

Benefits for Staff:  CPD and reflections for revalidation which are essential for all clinical staff.

Benefits for Organisations: Quality and safety of patient care, improving morale and retention.

The Training Hub will provide training and then ongoing support to primary care staff to participate in clinical supervision sessions.


Supervision and Assessment

Previously the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) used the term Mentor and Mentorship to describe the Supervision and Assessment of students in practice. From May 2018 this changed to the Standards for student supervision and assessment. The standards set out the expectations for the learning, support and supervision of students in the practice environment. These standards can be found here.

Practices who wish to host pre-registration nurse or nurse associate students must have nurses employed with them that have completed the training. This is provided in Cornwall by Plymouth University and can be booked by contacting 

You can find information from Plymouth University here