CYP MH Crisis Training – Universal Offer

E-Learning for Health – Children and Young People with Mental Health Needs, Autism or Learning Disability

A wealth of e-learning and resources available. Of particular relevance:


We Can Talk

Open to those working in an acute hospital setting, We Can Talk is a free online home for training, resources, events and a community of practice dedicated to creating cultural change! If you are a nurse, HCA, paramedic, doctor, receptionist, security or any role working in an acute hospital and want to improve the experience of children and young people in mental health crisis, this is the place for you.


Wellbeing Series with Dr Lynette Rentoul

These guides were originally written to support schools in C&IOS. You can also access a series of recorded webinars based on these guidance documents via Headstart Kernow Cornwall Wellbeing Hub. You will need to register, go to ‘topics’ and then ‘wellbeing support to schools.’

The Cornwall Wellbeing Hub supports a whole school, trauma informed, relational approach to wellbeing that is ‘everybody’s business. Find training and resources to support children and young people’s mental health in Cornwall

Training and Resources:

  • Anna Freud Centre – a mental health charity for children and families have a range of training and resources available. ‘Child in Mind’ expert podcasts to help parents understand and manage child and family mental health problems. The series is presented by BBC Radio 4 presenter Claudia Hammond. In each 20-minute episode, she discusses an important issue in child and family mental health with an expert and a young person or parent.
  • Young Minds – a charity fighting for children and young people’s mental health have a range of training and resources available

Upcoming Free Training Events:

  • Understanding and Supporting Children and Young People Impacted by Trauma-Aimed at anyone who lives, works or knows a young person eg: parent/carer/teacher/community worker. Reduce trauma symptoms in young people to improve their capacity for learning, joy, resilience, self-regulation, and social relationships.  Learn how to recognise behaviours triggered by traumatic experiences, understand how our brains keep us safe, how we respond to trauma and learn some tools for stabilisation.

Upcoming date available to book:

Understanding ARFID:

  • What is ARFID? This recorded workshop is intended for parents of children diagnosed with Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), as well as professionals looking to learn more about ARFID (also available on the Neurodiversity Hub, Parent Carers Cornwall)
  • The Neurodiversity Hub hosted on the Parent Carers Cornwall website provides a range of information and resources on Eating and Drinking in children.


Sleep Advice

Hunrosa Sleep Takeaway Cards 

Cards to help give sleep advice, and for patients to takeaway. For children and young people and their families, including those children with additional needs. A section for those up to the age of 25 years. These have been developed by Hunrosa sleep consultancy working within the NHS. These commissioned cards use evidence based sleep information and advice.


In Development – the following recorded webinars will be available soon:

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Self Harm
  • LGBTQ+
  • Trauma Informed Approaches – Understanding Needs in Crisis-Recorded Webinar.