Cornwall NHS 111 is ranked third highest nationally for patient experience

9th April, 2024

Cornwall NHS 111 is ranked third highest nationally for patient experience and first in the southwest, according to NHS England.

The outstanding statistics published recently represent data recorded between April 2022 until September 2023 by the 111 Operational Insights Team at NHS England.

Patients were asked: ‘Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the NHS 111 service’ and patients reported on a scale from being ‘very satisfied ‘to being ‘very dissatisfied’.

Responses received by providers of NHS 111 / IUC services are collected twice a year through patient experience surveys and published in June and December of each year.

Speaking about this exceptional patient experience, Julie Green, Commissioning Manager for Urgent Care at the ICB said,

“As the commissioner of IUCS in Cornwall and IOS I am really pleased to see these encouraging results regarding patient satisfaction in using 111 services.   As a system sometimes we focus so intently on things we can count, like activity numbers, the time it takes to answer a call, how many calls are abandoned etc, and whilst these things are of course very important, from the patient quality aspects it is very reassuring to see that patients overall are really well supported by 111 and are satisfied with the clinical assessment and care they receive when they call”.

Head of Integrated Urgent Care for Kernow Health, Joe St Leger-Francis, added:

“I am thrilled to share the outstanding results from our recent patient satisfaction survey for the NHS 111 service, reflecting the exceptional efforts of each member of our team. An impressive 90.2% of respondents expressed being very or fairly satisfied with the service we provide. Moreover, only 4.9% reported being fairly or very dissatisfied. Our team’s dedication to delivering high-quality care through the NHS 111 platform has not gone unnoticed. This positive feedback is a testament to their hard work and commitment to our users. Thank you for their unwavering efforts, which contribute significantly to the success of our service.”


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