Cornwall Training Hub wins tender!

5th May, 2022

Congratulations to the Training Hub team who have won the tender to deliver the Cornwall Training Hub for another three (plus two) years, commissioned by Health Education England!

The contract will run from 1st April 2022 and includes the delivery around: Workforce planning, CPD, training and education delivery, apprenticeships, working with our Integrated Care System on equality, diversity and inclusion, reducing health inequalities and differential learning, growing educators and increasing educational placements and the quality of them, supporting the use of new roles and increasing the workforce - just a few things!

The Training Hub team is made up of a mix of clinical and non-clinical staff who in addition to the above key deliverables, also are commissioned by NHS England (via the CCG) to provide extended support around recruitment, education and retention for Primary Care across Cornwall. Laura Wheeler, Director of Integrated Primary Care and Cornwall Training Hub says:

“We are delighted to have secured another five years of funding to enable the Training Hub to continue to deliver the service which has become invaluable to Primary Care over the last few years. Each year the offer becomes more tailored to the needs of Primary Care and the whole team is proud of its contribution to support Primary Care which in turn supports the population of Cornwall.”

Over the last three years, the Training Hub has established itself as the ‘go-to’ place for support for General Practice, with practices and individuals regularly contacting us for information, courses, queries or solutions. So when we were asked to re-tender for the funding to continue our service, we immediately went out to our stakeholders to ask for their support. We were overwhelmed with comments conveying the impact of the services we had provided over the years, our favourite one from the Strategic Manager for North Kerrier West PCN, Wendy George, who said:

"The Training Hub provided by KHCIC has been invaluable in supporting us, both at individual practice and PCN level. The trusted relationships they have developed with us is testament to their consistently open and collaborative approach to a variety of challenges facing primary care, whether that be accessing funding for educational placements, sharing best practice or generally being a training and development knowledge base on whom we can rely. "

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