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24th September, 2021

Ready to jump off the hamster wheel? Access FREE support now...

The last 18 months have been challenging for everyone working in Primary Care, so KHCIC are offering every practice a FREE half-day of facilitated support to take stock and plan ahead.

The pandemic has forced General Practice to fundamentally change the way it cares for patients. In some cases, new ways of working have seen positive outcomes that you now want to fine-tune and accelerate. Perhaps other changes that were a necessity at the height of the pandemic, may now be redundant.

What can be achieved in half a day?

Our Excellence in Practice team can run sessions for the whole practice or a more intensive planning session just for the senior team. By the end of the half-day session, we anticipate that the practice will have been able to explore:

  • What are the practice’s main concerns?
  • Early priorities: focussing on issues we can resolve quickly will lead to speedy progress within the practice and improve patient care and staff morale.
  • How does the practice intend to organise service delivery?
  • What needs more work? E.g. where more information is required to make final decisions.

Sounds great, but how can we fit this into our day?

NHS Kernow have recognised that practices require protected learning time to achieve this. Each practice will be supported to receive a half-day session with Excellence in Practice when only essential cover for patients needing urgent support can be provided (out of hours equivalent).

Practices need to ensure the date chosen enables them to schedule services to minimise the impact on routine care, is well advertised so that patients are aware that on the afternoon concerned, only urgent care will be available and is agreed with the CCG. Practices may choose to commission LIVI or an alterative service to provide cover.

Find out more...

To find out more or arrange a half-day for your practice go to Practice Support Visit or email

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