Fellowships & Early Career Support

The “New to Practice” fellowship is now closed to new registrations. Existing fellowships will be supported for the remainder of their allocated time.

GP Fellowships:

The Training Hub receive funding to support GP fellowships from NHSE. There are usually 1 or 2 posts per year, and they are designed to be developmental portfolio roles, supporting key primary care and system priorities. Examples of previous fellowships include;

  • Education and training delivery
  • Quality and placement expansion
  • Population Health

In 2024, the Training Hub are recruiting to some Health Inequality fellowships, and will look to share the work that is undertaken as part of these roles.

Early career support

Following the closure of the national newly qualified GP & GPN fellowship programme, the Training Hub are currently exploring an alternative offer to support newly qualified staff in General Practice. Please let us know if you are due to qualify after April 2024 and we will include you in any offers that are made available via kernowhealthcic.workforce@nhs.net.