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Primary Care Network Manager – Coastal PCN

Hours: FTE 30hrs - flexible working
Salary: Depending on experience
Closing date: 30/04/2024


Coastal PCN seek a highly motivated and well-organised individual to join the PCN Leadership Team to oversee and help deliver the ambitions of the network, making the most of the new opportunities provided by the PCN Directed Enhanced Service (DES) Contract and other commissioned services.

Our PCN has a population of over 29,000 people set on the south coast of Cornwall, incorporating 4 practices in close proximity, with excellent inter-relations and a long history of successfully working together. Our population is diverse, with varying levels of socio-economic status, young families and elderly patients all of whom make providing care very interesting.

We are passionate about providing good quality patient care and all four practices regularly appear in the top ten practices in Cornwall for patient satisfaction.

The PCN Strategic Manager will have responsibility for various functions of the PCN, including being responsible for the delivery and monitoring of projects and services committed to, or commissioned by, the PCN. They will also provide strong financial management, resourcing and regulatory compliance of the work of the PCN. They will have the skills to deliver on a wide range of business, project management, data submission and improvement initiatives across the locality providing strategic and operational transformation, support and leadership. As a leadership role good knowledge of human resources legislation and ability to lead and line manage a team is essential.

Main duties of the job
The PCN Manager has responsibility for various functions of the PCN including financial, leadership and operational elements. They are responsible for the delivery and monitoring of projects and services committed to, or commissioned by, the PCN. They also provide an oversight of the financial management, resourcing and regulatory compliance of the work of the PCN.

As a member of the management within the PCN, they would support colleagues in the PCNs practices with change management from time to time.


Good financial and business acumen with sound understanding of NHS and other funding to maximise PCN (and practice) funding where possible
Oversee the PCN monies, maximising potential and maintaining clear, auditable records.
Review and ensure best value for money in PCN expenditure
Oversee the timely submissions of all financial claims submitting claims on behalf of the PCN and practices as appropriate
Accurate financial forecasting & timely reporting
Ensure tight control on budgets
Provide oversight of the PCNs accounts
Work with the PCN Accountants to put in place a VAT Sharing Agreement
Ensure monies are transferred in a timely way between the PCN Lead Practice and the PCNs own account

PCN Workforce

Conduct needs analysis for PCN employed staff in line with funding and contractual requirements, review as directed
Funding ensure maximum obtained from variety of budgets as suits PCN needs.
In liaison with the PCN Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) Clinical Lead.
Horizon scanning for future roles / funding /training
Review alternative options to employment e.g. service delivery by 3rd party
Defining job roles based on PCN needs
Write standard PCN staff policies
Undertake budget forecasting for the ARRS roles and complete any necessary returns as required working alongside the PCN Bookkeeper and Practice staff
In liaison with the ARRS roles specified Clinical Leads, support regular meetings and review the service provision.
Writing job specifications as and when required
Overseeing the organisation of advertising/responding to queries and shortlisting
Organising interviews and ensuring employment contracts, DBS and other checks are carried out.
Line managing PCN staff members including overseeing work performance, undertaking appraisals and supporting team members with training/CPD/progression
Ensure all ARRs roles are enrolled in, and following, the compulsory training and development pathways, ensuring supervision arrangements are in place
Enact TUPE arrangements in liaison with the PCN Accountants and Bookkeeper as well as other external support, as required.
Liaise with PCN Accountants and Bookkeeper to ensure NHS Pensions are available for staff transferred to Limited entity.

Clinical Director/General PCN Support

Provide support to update and continually review the PCN Network Agreement
Attend wider strategic meetings such as Clinical Director and Integrated Care Area meetings
Provide strategic and operational overview for the PCN
Create PCN agendas for meetings, oversee the production of minutes and ensure actions fulfilled
Support setting of strategic goals for the PCN and developing action plans
Analyse all PCN contracts ensuring the PCN is ready to deliver within timeframes specified, matching options to contract delivery, utilising 3rd parties to create best fit for PCN
Provide briefings/synopsis for PCN members
Provide financial analysis for PCN of effect of doing/not doing
Provide patient safety and wellbeing analysis for PCN of doing/not doing
Undertake regular reviews of resources to ensure matched to contractual requirements in liaison with PCN Clinical Leads for the DES Contract Service Requirements and the Investment & Impact Fund.
Review and provide briefing on alternative options or other contractual avenues for delivery
Align shared service delivery across PCN eg Care Homes
Review options for aligning services and submit proposals eg visiting service, diabetes, respiratory
Working with PCN to develop plans for delivery to match/exceed expected outcomes
Responsible for managing external contracts with non NHS third parties (eg social prescribing), ensuring KPIs and outcomes match to contractual requirement
Extended Access support the PCN in delivering an effective extended access programme
Review all data sharing agreements to support compliance with GDPR etc, provide advice and guidance to the PCN.
Utilise skills in horizon scanning, networking, review of wider UK PCN working to develop best practice and service delivery ahead of contractual requirements
Provide support to Practice Managers in relation to PCN delivery requirements through regular meetings.

Project Management

Ability for strong management of projects on behalf of the PCN
Ensuring projects brought in on time and on (under) budget
Ensuring regular updates
Support of external projects which will benefit the PCN
Production of project reports and end analysis reports
Bid writing for external funding
Ensuring all projects align all members of the PCN to same systems/methodology for these projects


The post holder should recognise the importance of effective communication within the team and will strive to:

Communicate effectively with all colleagues and network practice staff

Communicate effectively with patients and carers

Recognise peoples needs for alternative methods of communication and respond accordingly

Be comfortable and competent at networking at all levels

Apply professional standards

Support the PCN communications, synchronising and providing a consistent messaging both internally and externally

Continue to maintain and further develop a PCN wide social media communication in liaison with the PCN IT lead and Practice Managers

In liaison with the PCN IT lead seek alignment of digital options for service delivery across the PCN

Provide company secretarial support to Limited entity once formed

Ensure the Articles of Association are updated in line with the Coastal PCN Network Agreement

Record minutes of meetings in line with the Articles of Association

Produce any returns in relation to the Limited Entity to Companies House.

Liaise with solicitors and other professional bodies as required

To apply for this job please contact:

Mrs Sarah McCammon (Practice Manager)

Coastal PCN